A conversation with the Hon. CV “Jim” Woolridge – The Voice Behind #Bermuda Cricket

There’s nothing like a day at the ballpark. Or in Bermuda’s case, a day at the cricket field. This civilized British sport, which has been the national pastime since 1844, qualified Bermuda for the World Cup in 2007.

Each year cricket fever takes over the island for the two-day Cup Match, a fierce battle between the two leading clubs. Shops are closed, personal days are called in and nearly everyone on the island watches rival batsmen and bowlers duke it out in their pristinely starched whites.

Advice for Visitors

From April through September you’ll be able to take in a weekend match at various pitches around town with a bit more elbow room, but no less enthusiasm. (For most Bermudans, cricket remains their first unrivaled love.) Plan on arriving early and be prepared for a festive all-day affair. The host grounds have a special section reserved for visitors and provide complimentary cricket guides for first-time spectators. Feel free to ask questions and be prepared to walk away a cricket expert.

It’s standard for locals to stake out a position in advance, bringing with them picnics, drinks and even music. Bigger matches are always a good excuse for a mini-holiday, where socializing over mussel pies and delicious rum swizzles (in lieu of peanuts and Cracker Jacks) makes for a street party-style atmosphere.

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